Project Description.

Sushi Rail is an IoT project that was founded by me and my team in cooperation with Siemens and was the winning idea of the Tech Challenge at TUM.

With the SUSHI RAIL app, the passengers can see in real time which parts of the train are overcrowded and which parts provide more space. The app receives data from a wide range of sensors trains commonly have implemented. Door and weight sensors, as well as CCTV cameras determine the amount of passengers in each wagon and send the data to the SUSHI intersection. From there, the data is distributed to the passengers, and displayed real time on the SUSHI RAIL APP.

The information is not only limited to passenger numbers, but all data that is being measured in trains can be processed. Noise level, temperature and other elements enable the passengers to choose the wagon which Jts their needs best. This ensures much more comfortable, stress-free rides, just how the passengers deserve them!

Project Details.

Skills Needed: 

  • Branding
  • Design
  • Hardware
  • Programming
  • Video Editing


  • Internet of Things


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